How to choose a children friendly lodge or hotel on a safari in Serengeti


24 April 2022

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How to choose a children friendly lodge or hotel on a safari in Serengeti

Once you give birth, children become part of your life until you breathe the last breath. A lot of parents have got a misconception that children don’t travel and are not supposed to see the world; such parents claim that their children shall see the world once they are adults- I mean they shall be in a position to pay for their travel bills. What such parents miss out is that you could have a fantastic time with your children once you decide to travel with them. There could be endless memories and bonding opportunities to create with your kids. Most parents simply don’t want to travel with their children because whenever they think of all the travel arrangements, they just back off going with the children on a safari. It is really easy to prepare for a safari with your children in Tanzania, there are actually three aspects you have to look into to make it a success: the tour operator to choose, choosing accommodation, and transportation. It is easy to choose the best children friendly lodge or hotel on a safari in Tanzania with these simple tips:

Choose a hotel with a secure environment.

Keeping your eyes on your children is not an easy thing; you could be monitoring your children and all of the sudden, they disappear the moment you forget monitoring them for a second. If you are a parent or someone who has been around children, I guess you can agree with me. To keep your children safe; you should choose a hotel with a secure environment such that even if your children decide to get away from you for a while, you shall be able to locate them. I know that every hotel and lodge claims that their environments are secure. I believe this is a personal judgment to make. If you make your personal judgment that the hotel is safe, I recommend that you choose it.

Choose a hotel with a spacious environment.

There are hotels almost everywhere and some of them have little space. It is better to choose a hotel with some good space. Children love space and whenever they see a nice compound, they all challenge their minds to create some simple activities to keep them busy. Don’t deny that from them; make sure that the hotel has a spacious environment to keep your kids creative and happy. If you see such a hotel, think of booking it.

Choose a hotel with is close to your activities.

I think this is the number one rule in choosing a hotel or lodge; if you came for a safari, you should choose a hotel which is nearby your national park where you plan on doing those activities; don’t choose a very far away hotel as it shall make the journey a bit inconveniencing-you shall have to travel long distances just to go to parks.

Choose a hotel with at least some kids’ activities.

There are hotels which try to incorporate and take children as part of their clients by offering several children’s games and children-related services; if you find out that such a hotel exists, I would recommend booking with them.

La’tonna safari hotel is a friendly accommodation facility that welcomes all kinds of people. It is a perfect stay for the kids

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