Eat and dine at La tonna hotel during your stay in Serengeti National Park. Experience world-class dining at our restaurant; we serve the best international and local dishes. Whether you are non-vegetarian or vegetarian, you will always find the best meals at our Restaurant. Our restaurant and bar are stocked with various drinks from across the world and therefore whatever you want to drink, we will be able to serve you.

Enjoy the best sundowner as you unwind the day while relaxing and refreshing at our restaurant.

We are always flexible enough to offer customized meal requests to several clients. Whatever you want to eat, we will make the best effort to cook it for you.

We have the best team of chefs who know how to prepare meals.

One of the reasons why our restaurant continues to attract several guests is our chefs and waiters/waitresses who work at the restaurant.  Our chefs have the best experience in preparing various cousins from around the world.

The chefs received formal training in some of the best culinary schools in Tanzania and other countries; they always go the extra mile to make sure that you eat the best meals. In addition, our wonderful team of waiters and waitresses are so hospitable. They know how to handle any kind of guest, and you will always love their services.

We have the best steak inspired menus

You are welcome to the world of steak and be ready to taste some of the best steak recipes from across the world.  Our steak menus cater for different tourists from across the world. Get ready to taste some of the best steaks at the restaurant

We offer convenient meal plans

Whether you want to be served in your room or in any outdoor setting, we will always make the best effort to make sure that you enjoy your meals at your best comfort come and be part of history as you dine in one of the best restaurants around Serengeti National Park. Enjoy the best breakfast, lunch and dinner at La tonna hotel


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