Corporate Social responsibilities


La tonna hotel was founded by the warm-hearted founder who has a very interesting background. We know the local needs of our communities and we always endeavour to provide the best solutions by financing some of the projects. Our corporate social responsibility program is one of the core programs of our hotel.

We offer the best corporate social responsibilities in the community where you operate through various initiatives.

We offer scholastic materials to several students

We know that one of the reasons why students get out of school is the lack of scholastic materials. We offer the best pilot project to provide basic scholastic materials like books, pens, pencils and other materials to students. Because of our program, we have seen many students around Mugumu continue going to school. All we can say that is has been a wonderful and interesting journey to see the lives of these young children being transformed as a result of our project

We support the local communities through our buy project

We realized that most of the food items that we need at the restaurant can be provided by the local communities. We source most of our food items from the local communities and because of that, many families’ well-being has been uplifted. Apart from the food items, we also provide a number of employment opportunities to local communities especially those who provide various services to the hotel. This has helped provide employment to the community as well as protect the different natural reserves around the Serengeti National park

We provide pregnancy kits to several mothers around our communities

We provide the best pregnancy kits to several mothers who are expecting. Before we introduced this program, many mothers were without the necessary pregnancy kits however when we launched the program, many pregnant mothers are fully benefiting from the project