There is a number of wonderful activities which you can enjoy during your stay at La tonna hotel.  These activities truly depend on the interest of the guests.

 Since we are located nearby Serengeti National Park, a lot of activities that you can be part of are usually planned around the park

Enjoy the best game drive in Serengeti

Serengeti National park is one of the world’s best wildlife national parks in the world. During the tour to Serengeti, it is possible to witness the African big 5 which includes Elephants, Lions, Leopards, buffaloes and Rhinos. Other wildlife species to expect include cheetah, wild dogs, caracals, hyenas, Olive baboons, vervet monkeys, black and white colobus, otters, mongooses, Honeybadger, Nile crocodiles, African python, leopard tortoises and several other great wildlife species.  You can enjoy your stay at the hotel and wake up early for the game drive until the evening hours. After breakfast at the hotel, you may decide to return for lunch or simply pack your food during your game drive experience. During your game drive, you will be driven to the park by an experienced tour guide who has years of experience in Serengeti tours. The tour guides always go an extra mile to make sure that you have the best adventurous journey

Bird watching

There are more than 500 bird species which makes Serengeti National Park a birding haven.  You will have the best bird watching experience in Serengeti. Some of the bird species to expect to include the lovebirds, Masai Ostrich, Goliath herons, lesser flamingos, shoebills, African fish eagles, Tanzanian red-billed hornbill and many other species. To fully optimize this wonderful experience, always carry the best camera, camcorders or any photo-taking device.

Hot-air balloon

For tourists who would like to have the best aerial view of the park, it is possible to fly in a hot-air balloon around the park while witnessing several wildlife species. This hot-air balloon experience is always accompanied by the best bush dining.

The great wildebeest migrations

The Great wildebeest Migration is one of the largest wild moments on earth which involves hundreds of thousands of wildebeests, hyenas and Gazelles that are seen migrating from Serengeti national park to the Masai Mara and vice versa.  There are a lot of experiences to witness during the wildebeest migration which includes the calving season, where newborns are usually birthed and other glorious moments. The wildebeest migration attracts a lot of predators such as lions which come to take advantage of the large number of prey. It is probably the best time to watch predators hunt their prey.

Walking experiences

Enjoy the day by following the unbeaten paths in Serengeti. Explore the best of Serengeti on Foot under the guidance of an armed park ranger. It is always fun to come so close to nature

Whether you are a family, solo traveller, photographers, honeymooners or any kind of traveller; you will always have the best activities in Serengeti National Park.