How to be nice to tour guides on your safari in Tanzania


24 April 2022

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How to be nice to tour guides on your safari in Tanzania

The tour guide is like your driver who is going to drive you throughout the course of the trip- he shall move you from one tourist attraction to another until the end of your journey. The tour guide is employed by the tour operator and he represents the tour operator. Tour guides are always knowledgeable about the national parks so as you move along they shall be educating you and give you histories of some of the events that unfolded around parks. They are experienced enough to narrate their experience with confidence. Some tourists confuse tour guides with park rangers. Rangers are usually employed by the government and their role is to protect the wildlife in parks-the rangers also provide security to those that come to the park. Whatever itinerary you choose, you shall interact with the guide more often and being nice to them shall surely improve your success rating for your journey. How can you be nice to a tour guide on your safari in Tanzania?

Be free with them.

Some people immediately start their boss mentality once they know that you are a mere guide. If you act like a boss, you may remain like a boss and miss out on what it means to interact with people. You should show that you are an open person who respects others. If the guide notices that you are easy and free with them- they shall unleash stories and tell you things that shall surely give you a better understanding of Tanzania. At the end of the safari, you shall both be winners. I’m not saying that being free with the guide is the only condition for them to talk to you. They shall surely talk to you even if you act bossy but you shall not the best insights if you stay in that mood-the guide will only be willing to give you answers and keep quiet however if you want deep knowledge and experiences about a certain area, the guide shall be able to tell you all of that as long as he feels that you free with them. I would compare this situation to home; if your father is not free with his children, the children shall always fear him and he might up never understand his children because they are not willing to share anything with their dad. But to a father who is free with the children, children can always talk about anything without fear.

Don’t ask uncomfortable questions.

Sometimes people tend to get off the professional ladder and ask questions which are beyond tourism. I would highly recommend staying along with tourism questions and simple questions that would make the guide uncomfortable.

Respect the guide’s advice.

Always respect what the guide tells you. If he tells you not to do something, please make sure you don’t do it. It could be a simple instruction like please make sure you don’t put your hand out of the vehicle but because you are taken by happiness, you may end up forgetting and once something happens to you, it is so easy to shift the blame to the guide. Simply respect what they tell because it is always in your best interest.

Give them some tips at the end of the trip.

You could decide to offer some tip of any amount of money to your guide on the journey as a thank you for the unmatched service they provide to you. It is not a must that you should give tips but you should give from the bottom of your heart when you feel that it is necessary and you have some money.

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