Give away gifts to carry on your safari in Tanzania.


24 April 2022

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Give away gifts to carry on your safari in Tanzania.

Coming to a safari is not coming for a charity show where you are supposed to give out several gifts to the participants. However, as they say, when you feel it, you do it. Going on a safari could be another opportunity to show your philanthropy by carrying some few gifts for the people of Tanzania. This is not a must and something which is rarely done but it is not bad if you think of it. You can come on a safari in Tanzania with gifts which you think you shall handle out to people. It is upon you to decide whom to give, but if you have such plans, it is better to inform the tour operator in advance such that they can arrange for that. You may be someone who is interested in the education sector and you feel that you need to contribute something to the people of Tanzania. It is possible and very simple. You shall have to decide on the kind of people you want to give and arrange with the tour operator to take you there and you give. The actions of giving could be taken as an activity for you- in other words, it is fully-added to your itinerary to cater for that time and period of the day. The reason why I’m putting emphasis on this topic is that many tourists are always looking for giving opportunities and they don’t know how to start and whether it is possible to do that. Like they say give and it shall be given to you, givers always receive more than what they have given. So in case, you plan of giving, these are some of the gifts to carry to Tanzania.

School materials

School materials are some of the gifts you can carry. You don’t have to imagine a big number-just carrying whatever you feel is enough for you to handle. You could just carry a very light bag with your school materials ready to be distributed to a certain school or kids of a certain area. Don’t worry about the giving opportunities; all you need to do is to arrange with the tour operator. Tell them about your willingness to give; they shall show you the different opportunities available and it shall be up to you to decide in your best interest.

Clothes and shoes

There could be so many clothes that you no longer use or that your friend no longer uses, if you have enough space, you could carry them here in Tanzania. The number doesn’t matter and as a matter of fact, you don’t need to carry thousands of them. Just pack a few which you think are convenient for you and give them to the people. Clothes are easy to find. If you think you handle a good number of them, just move through your friends while telling them about your plans. I’m sure you will not fail to raise the required clothes for you to give. Shoes are other gifts you should think of, as long as you have some space and the willingness to carry items, you could decide to carry shoes as well. I’m telling you your journey shall be more fulfilling if you plan on giving, like they say that giving gives joy to the giver; I’m sure your giving shall not go unnoticed, you shall feel the joy in your heart especially after seeing the impact of your giving to the people. People are always joyous when they receive surprise gifts from anyone. You will just witness joy and smiles on people’s faces that alone shall make your day.


You can give money as a way of tipping those that have done something on your trip. You could give it to the tour guide, tour ranger, the waiters and waitress and anyone else as per your heart.

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